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From investment sales and leasing transactions, to outsourcing and advisory services, 99 Property Africa Global Limited is transforming real estate into real advantage for every client we serve.

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Who we are.

99 PROPERTIES AFRICA is an international real estate company operating in Nigeria and other countries in Africa.

We provide a hassle-free real estate service to a rising demand in the real sector in the African space. We bring more than 8 years’ experience to the property industry and have delivered and delighted our clients on numerous transactions.

Some of the African countries on our radar include Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Tunisia, Malawi and a host of others.

We are fully registered as 99 Properties Africa Global Limited with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Our Headquarters is in Lagos, Nigeria.

Many people have had an unpleasant experience around real estate transactions, that’s exactly the kind of problems we exist to solve. At 99 properties we are passionate about taking off the pain points from clients as regards everything real estate, right from the first stage of interest to the last stage of after-purchase support.

Our Mission

To provide each client with stress-free real estate service from start to finish.

Our Vision

To be Africa’s most reliable brand in the real estate industry

Our Leadership

The 99 Properties leadership team ensures that all employees, regardless of position, uphold our core values—enabling us to maximize opportunities, drive innovation and achieve success for the company and our clients.

Our Values



We know we are out of business the very minute our clients loses our trust … especially in the era of social media where a word goes out quickly. We understand that we are in the trust business and we know that real estate and the need for shelter is a special dream every client holds dearly. We want to help each of our clients own their dream at the end of the day.This is why we are your go-to brand when you desire a stress-free real estate service.

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A drop of water alone cannot make an ocean neither a single broom stick a broom, At 99 PROPERTIES AFRICA, We have built up a team of real estate agents, Who through networking with property owners and investors are able to guarantee you the best available property at budget price.
Our Agents as connected as the nerves in the human body, all over the continent, so that no matter your location, you can get a property any where in the continent.



We are in business not for the short term but for the long term. Tenacity is one of our core values. We want to be the #1 real estate player to reckon with. We will be doing business in probably every African nation of the continent and some selected countries of the rest of the world. We know this is possible when we build the right team and grow the resources tobe relevant today and sustainable tomorrow.



There is a standard expected from a professional. A true professional gets the job done. With a passion for excellence, on time delivery and superior customers service we are confident we can meet and even exceed your expectations by the standard of quality service that define our brand at 99 Properties. If you need a company that knows what they are doing, you have made the right choice.



We believe sustainable success can only be built on a foundation of responsible business practices. We take the impact we have on our clients, suppliers, employees, communities and stakeholders seriously. It’s our goal to be as widely recognized for the way we do business as we are for the quality of the real estate services we provide.



We focus relentlessly on creating winning outcomes for our clients, employees and shareholders. So A key attribute of all her staff is the ability to deliver to the uttermost. Your happiness is our goal and to make you happy, we strive for excellence.


We are always looking for exceptional professionals who want to be part of our dynamic, fast-paced organization.
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