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Consult   99 properties Africa for all your property needs. We help you manage your investment properties, sell, and rent or let out, we are here to help

Consult   99 properties Africa for all your property needs. We help you manage your investment properties, sell, and rent or let out, we are here to help

99 properties Africa is Nigeria’s Number 1 real estate consultant today. We combine our passion for people.

The difference in service between letting agents is vast. We hold ourselves accountable regardless of external pressures and we are on a mission to raise standards across the industry. If you want to ensure your property is looked after and maintained to the highest standard, 99 properties Africa is your best shot.​

99 properties Africa offers the following services to our clients: Meet with the Landlords before handing over their property to us.

99 Properties Africa provides a comprehensive range of services in Real Estate. With over 5000 properties listed, and providing services to many clients across Nigeria, and beyond, we use our experience to serve you with passion. These are the list of our offered services: Property Sales, Property Developments and Sales management, Project management, Property Management, Facility management, Tenant Representation

Register your property with 99 Properties Africa

99 properties Africa offers serviced accommodation Letting and Management services, landlord Representation accommodation to all of our clients across Africa and property portfolio.

We know you’re busy and might not always be around to keep track of how your property is doing. That’s why we’re here: to ensure everything stays in perfect condition. With specialists in over 30 locations across Africa, we manage the full spectrum of properties for both private and corporate owners, addressing their needs with discretion and efficiency. Our extensive experience gives us a deep understanding of the values real estate represents as well as the conditions under which it is best managed.

Let us help you manage your properties and make more profits?

Effective property management remains one of the most undervalued services in the real estate industry. With increased economic uncertainties, low real returns on investments, more government levies and high rental risks, the task of managing rental property has become more challenging.

We offer the services of a fully qualified and experienced agent in the sale and letting of your property, ensuring that your property will be exposed to all potential buyers/tenants at all times through our network of offices and via prominent positioning on reputable property websites. We ensure honesty and transparency.

You should consult 99 properties Africa to manage your properties because it is one of the best property management recently

99 properties Africa known for being a boutique property management company of repute, is set to make things easier for you. With an exclusive team of realtors and property managers, the company goes out of the way to give you premium services while keeping the price tag low. But this isn’t all there’s to look forward to when you consult 99 properties Africa!

We are agents in 99 properties Africa, if you have let your home after some years then you should contact 99 properties Africa to manage your properties. Because we will bring different people to your home, we have an easy transaction process with little paper works, with us our clients will find no hidden charges about their property and also make sure that both tenant and landlords are satisfied with each other

99 properties Africa is the best property management company in Nigeria and Africa

99 properties Africa handles property management and rentals of apartments, houses and commercial buildings.

99 Properties Africa is a professional real estate agency with years of experience in the industry, backed by an experienced and dedicated team. Our extensive market knowledge means you can trust us to provide the right information to help you make correct decisions on your property investment.

We understand that letting your property can be a daunting experience, but we’re here to help you.

 99 properties Africa is a vibrant and modern letting agency based in Lagos state, dedicated to providing the best possible service for landlords and tenants alike. As an expert letting agency with years of experience in the business, we guarantee to make your property our priority!

Our teams of local and expert managers are on call to 24/7 to ensure your properties are well managed. We want our landlords and tenants to be satisfied with the services we provide them. Whether you are a tenant looking for a new home in in different part Nigeria or a landlord marketing a property in the Nigeria, 99 Properties Africa is here to help you.

Our management  Services.

We have perfected our strategies over time to get awesome results for you.

Because we are Professionals!

You should consult 99 properties Africa to manage your properties because of the following reasons. This is what you get from us;

99 Properties Africa is a real estate and property management service provider. We can help you manage your properties in Nigeria

Over the last decade, 99 Properties Africa has thrived in handling complex infrastructural projects across all sectors of the real estate industry. we have extensive experience with all types of properties; from residential to commercial, to industrial, and hotels. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and intimate knowledge of our Product, ensuring that we deliver fully customized services for every client

99 Properties Africa is a Real Estate Consultant Agency in Lagos, Nigeria offering  Real Estate services to clients.

1. We are highly experienced in managing properties.

2. We are government registered and licensed to operate

3. Our customer care is second to none

 4. We have an effective payment system

 5. Property investment is our core business

We manage properties because we have over a decade of experience in the field and we are giving you a chance to complete in a world where people are replacing by computer.

You want your property to be well-managed, secure and safe with hassle-free occupation. What you need is a professional property manager who will treat your investment with respect and care. With us you can rest assured that your property will be managed effectively and professionally.

Do you need a professional property manager for your private property?

Do you own one or more properties and are not sure what to do with them? Do you know that owning a property is a responsibility? Are you unsure of where to start in the journey to rent out your property?

100% Professional Service

At 99 properties Africa, a company that prides itself on transparency and honesty, we take great pleasure in crafting amazing experiences and building lasting relations with our customers. We have a history of satisfied clients and as such are confident in our services.

With a passion for innovation and a clever use of Technology, 99 Properties Africa remains committed to create value for its clients by managing property

The 99 Properties Africa Property Management Solution is an end to end platform that helps you manage your properties and get the most of your investment. From Tenant acquisition and background checks, Rent Collections with automated reminders and alerts, tenant management and maintenance, we got you covered! We also offer lucrative developer services such as:- Structural design, Electrical design, Mechanical design, plumbing designs

99 Properties Africa is a professional property management company established under the law of Nigeria to assist clients in the following services: Property Management, Property Marketing and Investment, Estate Development & Valuation, Permits, Documentations, Property court matters.to increase your value and capacity, build an effective property management team that will work closely with you to complete your project, bring valuable expertise and deep resources to the table, manage all stages of a project from planning to design and construction, deliver your project on time and on budget.

Our promise is to always know your property and deliver exceptional service. We understand that by doing this we are ensuring the success of our business – it is truly a win/win situation for us both.

We handle Tenants properly and ensure your rent is paid on time.

When it comes to finding the best tenants for your property, we’re experts. We make sure that everyone who rents through us has been referenced and rigorously credit-checked so we can be confident in their ability to pay their rent on time. Our letting services are completely professional

We’re on your side and will help you find the perfect property at the best price. With our unique knowledge of the market, we can even help you find a property that meets your needs and fits your budget

99 properties Africa have enormous experience and knowledge of the rental market. By consulting  99 property Africa you will be sure your property is managed with care, professionalism and respect to both the landlord and the tenant.

99 Properties Africa helps you manage your property more effectively. we help to enhance the value of your property and make it easy for you to monitor how well your properties are performing. Leave all the stress and worries that come with managing properties while you focus on more important things (or simply relax).

99 properties Africa is a full-service property management firm headquartered in Nigeria.

Managing your property can be stressful, especially if you’re not able to maintain a close relationship with your real estate agents. This is why it’s so important to take advantage of 99 Properties Africa’s free tools, which help you monitor your portfolio and stay on top of any leasing activities and other important developments. Whether you have one rental or one million, our cutting-edge systems offer a simple, stress-free way to manage your properties from anywhere in the world.

At 99 Properties Africa, we are passionate about property management. From finding the right tenants to personalizing your lease, our local property managers know what it takes to help you protect and maximize your investment in Lagos.

Full-service property management is one of the most important services in real estate and land management industry. As you know, your property is a substantial investment and it’s important to take the necessary steps to maintain its value. The professionals at 99PropertiesAfrica.com understand the local market and are equipped to help you achieve the best possible return on your investment without any stress or hassle – no matter where in Lagos you’re located. We offer a broad range of services that will fit your needs as a landlord or homeowner. These include: Marketing

We are a team of experts who understand property management, we have resources to maintain your properties.

Here are some benefits that set us aside from other property management companies:

99 properties offer specialized home improvement ideas and extremely stressful remodeling projects

Don’t you want a peace of mind knowing your properties will be well taken care of? Do you need to relocate due to work or other reasons? Contact us.

The task of managing the properties has been a very challenging one, especially in our part of the world because of the large number of challenges that come with this noble work. Therefore, with 99 properties Africa, you would be able to save yourself from all these challenges by consulting us for quality and professional property management services.

Calling all properties owners, 99 properties Africa have taken the stress out of managing your property. we have a team of over 20 skilled professionals who carry out the marketing, maintenance and management of your property giving the property owner peace of mind and time to focus on other aspects of life while still able to generate income from their investment.

99 properties Africa is a real estate company with a difference. We are local, we are bespoke, and we are here to meet your real estate needs and requirements. We go beyond property management, we combine do the job of three companies (Rentals, Sale and Maintenance) in one company. Contact us 08099994949   today to experience our services.

99 properties are the best in managing properties with well-trained agents that are fully dedicated to deliver exceptional results to our clients. They serve all classes of clientele, providing a range of services including property management and marketing, sales, renovation and construction, cleaning and maintenance.

We have a strong foundation that would ensure that you get the best out of letting your properties to the public. With our experience and competence in property management, we shall save you a lot of stress and making more money on the job of managing your properties.

99properties.net knows the current trends in the market and is able to advise you on how to improve your properties.

We are experts in managing properties we know the market better than anyone else. And we’ll negotiate the best price for your home we advertise across websites, social media, newspapers and magazines. And because our sellers get more calls we can help buyers make an offer before anyone else sees your home

Property Consultants you can trust

We pride ourselves in providing excellent service to our clients and handling all aspects of the house letting end-to-end effectively and efficiently. We give the best customer care for our tenants that’s why we protect your properties, and our dedicated customer service team can provide support in minutes not weeks

We strive to provide you with excellent services and make sure that your investment is well managed. The reason why you should consult 99 properties Africa to manage your properties is that we have the skills and experience needed to run your business. We have worked with lots of realtors and property owners. Our company ensures best results

Out of the 96% of Nigerians living in the city, only 35% own a home. Renting is now the way to go and managing rented those have become a challenge for landlords. This is considering the fact that it has become difficult for either landlord to manage their property personally if they are away from their tenants, who are also always busy with their daily routines. 99 properties Africa is helping tackle this problem

All too often, property owners worry about finding a tenant, the time and money involved in maintaining their properties and the lack of trust between parties. Thanks to our reliable and efficient service, we have become the go-to place for property management services. Our skilled team of experts will play a pivotal role in your success. From property maintenance to rent collection, tenant screening and much more, we are always here to help! Here are five reasons why you should choose 99 Properties Africa as your go-to place for property management needs.

Need property managed for long term tenants. We do the collection of rents, deposit, security verification and everything to do with the properties management

99 Properties is the easiest and fastest way for homeowners to find quality tenants, accelerate rental growth and get paid on time. Start getting paid on time with only 20% commission.

Our company does not only help you manage your properties, we help you find the right buyers or tenants. We know how to make your property sell of faster. Connect with us today and optimize the search for the right prospect.

Are you looking for a property management that specializes in assisting landlords with the marketing, leasing and management of investment properties? Do you want a company that cares they are professional and are committed to working hard to get your property rented quickly?

We offer a full property management service. This application screening can be done in your absence and the best part is that our services are free of charge, it’s paid by the tenant whether it gets the unit or not. Furthermore, you will have access to full reporting including all prospective tenant applications, tenancy agreements and detailed property related reports via email.

We have the local experience and technical expertise to help grow your rental business and take you to new heights. We know this has been a challenging time for us all, and we want to keep you informed as to how we are preparing. Ultimately, we believe there is an opportunity to emerge stronger than we were before by putting people first and making sure they stay at the center of our business.

99 properties Africa is exactly what you need to manage your properties well. We are equipped with the skills and experience necessary to handle your property well.

Managing multiple properties is not easy, and doing it alone requires a great deal of time, effort and admin – you may be spending unnecessary hours collecting overdue rent and chasing deposits. With 99 properties Africa’s professional network of property specialists, we can help save you time on those day to 99 properties Africa tasks, leaving you to focus on the big picture. We employ a network of skilled property professionals who will take care of your individual asset management requirements as if they were our own.

99 properties Africa is one of the leading real estate firms in Africa that specializes in all aspects of real estate management and consultancy. Our prestigious client list speaks to over 15 years of our personal commitment to providing very high quality professional services, property management and real estate consultancy

99 Properties Africa is a real estate firm that provides top notch real estate services to both residential and commercial clients. We are equipped with professional and experience staff to handle any of your real estate needs. Below are 10 reasons why you should use 99 Properties Africa as your property consultant.

99 Properties Africa provides expert property management services in Nigeria and abroad by letting your property on commercial or residential basis. We handle all aspects of managing your properties so you can sit back, relax and build your wealth while we take care of the day to day running of your properties.

At 99 properties Africa, we offer comprehensive management services to property owners in order to make the process of renting and maintaining a rental property seamless, secure and rewarding. Because we are highly trained professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in Property Management, we offer you peace of mind by providing proper screening of applicants as well as close monitoring of your property to find how the tenant is dealing with your property.

At 99 properties Africa, we know that every real estate is at a different stage of growth. That’s why we adopt tailored made solutions to your fit your business needs. We achieve this through understanding your business and providing you with the most appropriate management solution for your real estate

There are many house managers in town and most do not have time to keep your house safe when you are out of station. We manage your property without charging huge fees. When you consult us, we take care of everything from security to collection or rent. We ensure that rent is paid before the end of the first week of each month and ensure that your house is well-maintained.

99 Properties helps to manage your properties. Our designed tools are built to make sure that at the time of booking, you will always have the first opportunity to accept or reject the booking request before it’s offered to another host. All important questions and requests from guests are routed through our team, ensuring that every message is seen. We will also provide you with a listing of your space on our website as well as optimizing it for search engines so travelers find your space online. We also maintain the calendars and answer guest questions in between your bookings so you can focus on what you love.

We are a real estate and property management company based in Lagos, Nigeria. We deal with buying, selling, renting and management of properties across Africa.

We provide excellent services in the management of your property.

We have the right set of skills& experience, This makes us  more qualified , we are passionate about this task, we look forward to hearing from you,

Thanks and Regard.

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