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Reason you should purchase landed properties at calabar, cross river state? You should purchase landed properties at calabar, cross river state because it is the tourist hub of Nigeria and has a lot of investments potential and especially when the $60 million investment at the deep seaport by the federal government is operational.

 1. Affordable property prices 2. 0% interest on installment payments 3. Estate survey 4. Registered deed of assignment 5. Receipt of payment 6. Location of the estate is an added advantage 7. Title: Excision 8. Instant allocation 9. Follow up services 10. 2 years tax holiday on land upon completion of your building 11. Good road network 12. Total security

There are several reasons you should purchase landed properties at calabar, cross river state, but before buying a property it is recommended you do your due diligence to avoid any unforeseen circumstances like buying land that was not properly demarcated. There’s no doubt about all the reasons for buying a property at calabar. Calabar is the capital city of Cross River State, Nigeria, and a tourism haven.

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The answer is yes, if you truly understand the secret of landed property investment and not just because it looks cool or because other people are doing it. Land appreciates in value over time. When you invest on landed properties at calabar  cross river state, it is easy to resell them after few months or years and make a profit from the difference between what you bought and what you sell for and also appreciate your property with time.

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You may ask why, but cross river state is the best state in Nigeria with unique and exotic tourist site, great serenity and lovely weather, good road network and a prospective business hub in Africa.

1. The Chinese are buying properties in and around ‘Calabar’ and with the support from the Federal Government, it will lead to an increase in population size in and around Calabar.

Affordable Prices- presently at calabar, properties are much cheaper to buy and maintain for the middle class. A friend bought a small house there for ₦4million in 2016 and has since rented it out for about ₦500k per annum. The cost of maintenance is low too due to abundant availability of skilled artisans at affordable rates. This is unlike highbrow areas like Lagos where skilled artisans are generally expensive.

Landed properties are a tangible and sound investment. Land is a finite asset, but it never gets obsolete as people always need land and there is a diminishing supply of land compared to the growing population and increasing demand.

1/ It is fast developing 2/ It is safe 3/ it has a good road network 4/ It is the best culinary place in Nigeria 5/ it has a good security. 6 / every physical infrastructures are devoid properties

So many great reasons at the property mart why you need to purchase landed properties at calabar cross river state

Life is about making great moments happen. One of the many ways to make this happen and preserve such great memories throughout your lifetime is via investment in landed properties, especially at Calabar cross-river state! Here are some of the reasons you should invest in landed properties at Calabar cross river state;

Reason 1: Security Guaranteed, Reason 2: Guided by economic feasibility, Reason 3: Value Appreciation, Reason 4: Impact on the Society and Nation, Reason 5: Closeness to Nature, Calabar is the capital city of Cross River State located in south-south Nigeria. The town is surrounded by several hills and mountains hence it is called a hilly city. Calabar is definitely one of the best places to live in Nigeria due to its pleasant landscape and greenery environment. It has high value for landed properties for sale due to increasing interest from investors

cross river state is one of the safest city you can invest your money. There is no stress of  tenant pay their house rent on time. You sleep with both eyes closed and still make profit from your investment.

Why calabar? 1. Environmental and cultural friendly 2. Low cost of living 3. Increasing investment opportunities 4. New government increment of the minimum wage 5. Increased secured 6. Greater tourism potential 7. Religious harmony 8. Economical factor 9. Improved transportation 10. Information technology 11. Emerging lifestyle 12. Clearance 13. Title document

To help you with your property search, we offer more than just information about recently listed real estate. Our real estate professionals can also offer their expertise in helping you purchase a home for sale at the right price and timeframe.

Reason you should purchase landed properties at calabar, cross river state? Calabar is located in the south of the Cross River, a state in Nigeria. It is a division of Cross River State and the capital of that state. Calabar is sometimes referred to as “Akwa ibom”, which literally means “Crocodile River”. Note that there are other towns with similar names including Akwa Ibom and Bayelsa states. It is known for cultural tourism, and ecotourism with attractions including the U.J Esuene Stadium, Drill Monkey Sanctuary and Calabar Museum

Calabar is a city in cross river state south south of Nigeria. Landmark is the mcc resort.

Calabar is the ideal location, secure, serene and serves all business functions.

1.Free from government acquisition 2.Secure titles/documents 3.Good roads and neighborhood 4.Survey plans and layout 5.Strategic location 6.Enlightened land owners 7.Flexible payment plans 8.Good return on investment

? This exclusive 14-acre estate has a wide range of spacious home designs on offer, so you can easily find something to suit your lifestyle.??Investing in landed property has always been such a great fortune and Omimini Estate is the gem that gives you more than just financial security

.1. Infrastructure2. Security3. Accessibility4. Leisure Facilities5. Location6. Value for Money7. Ready Documentation8. Demand9. Investment10. Peace of Mind

Affordable, while at the same time appreciating faster than elsewhere in the country.

Land may be the ultimate security. It can never run away like a business or stock, and it can’t be taken away through bankruptcy like many other assets can. If you have paid off the debt on your land, it is yours to keep forever. Land is tangible, and therefore financial institutions will usually lend money against it if you need to borrow for expanding or maintaining your property or make another investment or purchase.

Buying a landed property in Calabar has some amazing benefits that you can’t get anywhere else. Below are the major reasons why you should buy landed properties at Calabar, Cross River State.

Hi Friends, I want to share a great real estate investment opportunity with you. You can purchase a landed property at calabar, cross river state for as low as 1.3million naira and it will appreciate by 50% in 1year. Visit our website for more details and photos of these amazing location

Reason why you should purchase landed properties at calabar. Let me explain

I am advocating that you are encouraged to purchase landed properties in calabar

A). We have never record a case of land grabbing since founding in 1962. b). Calabar, the capital city of Cross River State is peaceful, with low crime rate. c). Land is cheap when bought at the right source through right agent. d). There are no political issues associated with our properties e). Property is cheap and easy to purchase, we do not over inflate our prices, and moreover you can pay as low as 20% down payment for outright purchasing and pay the balance within 12 months depending on negotiation. f). There are investment opportunities in Calabar ranging from tourism, agriculture, commercial, residential etc.

best property location, best town in nigeria, highest ROI, great and high investment security, government owned roads, land is all enklemen, electricity available, water available, siltation maintained regularly to reduce accuamulation of water in estate.

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If you are looking to build a dream home in the serenity of nature while enjoying the convenience of city life.

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Writing by #Robert Lawrence

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