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Step to build your House from a #10,000 salary

Anybody no matter the stipends he receives as the take home pay can actually build a home. It takes just determination, knowledge and persistence. A lot of people today have increasingly come to find out that you don’t need your entire life savings just to get a home. Rather what you need is adequate planning and ability to know the difference between wishful thinking, reality and actually taking action.
There are always a category of houses for every class in the society. To get a home from your salary you need two things.
Calculate the amount of your salary for 2 years. Find 30% of the sum, whatever you get, meet your building professional and ask him or her what kind of building the 30% can cover for its foundation only. You have a winner, if you get that, then know you can easily build your house with that terribly miserably low salary you take home every month.
Assuming your salary is N10,000 for 2 years your total salary will be N240,000, 30% of this will give N72,000. This can conveniently cover a 2 bedroom flat strip foundation.
But you think you can’t possibly save 30% of your income, because your salary is already too low, but let me tell you, from study carried out, no matter how extremely small you received or how poor you are, 30% of your money goes into what you can’t account for monthly. Just sit down and take stock for a month and you will see that you’ve been spending 30% and above for very unimportant things in your life.
Yes, I know cost of land is high, but that is because you don’t want to live the crowded and so called urban area for the outskirt.
You can also save for land if you put your mind on it, but if you already have one, then your dream of getting your own house will be faster than expected.
Within 10 years of determination you will complete your project,,,#Engr, Emmanuel

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