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To Build a House or To Buy one Which is Better

Buying a land or building your house afresh which will you prefer? Not a few people have reached crossroads over this decision, side by side we will consider the advantages of one over the others.
1)Ongoing building may collapse .A standing house may not likely collapse, for one it is standing for the period of you acquiring it.
2)Substandard materials may have been used for a standing building while you can actually monitor materials used for an ongoing project.
3)Fresh building can be easily customized or designed to suit your taste perfectly. With A standing building you can achieve little with changing or remodeling.
4)A bad contractor may do you in when you are building a fresh house, you can easily detect a badly built house and avoid it when you want to buy one.
5)You can choose from a variety of what is available in market and in your preferred location, depending on the size of your purse . But you are only constrained to one design the moment your house is already built, no going back.
6) A lot of problems are encountered by people building these days one of them is the town planning permits/government allocation. You may have problems getting approval for the building project, but already built one is most likely approved, so you don’t need to bother yourself about town planning authority.
7)Building a house afresh is most likely going to cost you less especially if well managed while buying one from an agent/real estate person will cost more because those that builds also expect large profits for their project.
8)You will avoid great stress of monitoring your building project.
9)If you want to move in very fast then you need to buy rather than build.
10)Rate of development is probably slightly higher where you already have a completed and standing building.
11)When you buy then you must have cut contractor from cheating, the only person that can cheat you then is the property seller.
12)If you buy a house then you have avoided harrasment from omo onile and area boys.

13)For an ongoing project you have the choice of materials you’ll like to use for your house and is also easily modifiable but for a standing building, materials have already been applied.,,#Engr.Emman

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